Goat Milk & Kelp Facial Mask


A mix of white kaolin clay, French pink clay, goat milk powder, seaweed powder and Australian pink clay. It is amazingly refreshing on your face and it leaves you feel very clean and smooth! Packaged in a single use heat sealed bag, however, it could be stretched to get 2 uses out if it.  Mix the content of the bag with a little bit of yogurt, or water, or honey, or green tea, anything else really to make it into a paste. Smooth it over your face, go read your favourite book for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Follow up with a few drops of our facial serum and enjoy! First time use - please use sparingly and on a day you are staying home.  It is not unusual to have a few break outs due to clay in this mask.

INGREDIENTS: Kaolin (White Kaolin Clay, Australian Pink Clay, French Pink Clay), Goat Milk Powder, Kelp Powder

NET WEIGHT: 20 grams: 0.7 oz